• Server: s4
  • Galaxy: No Name
  • Duration: July 8 - December 17, 2011
  • Result: defeat
  • Hall of Fame

Background Story: Pecca

Whether Jean-Baptiste Pecca was a prophet as his followers held him or the evil himself as his enemies or just a tycoon with no scruples as the cynic, will probably remain unknown. What is for sure is that he was born during the Third Zandagort War, inherited Pecca Arms Corporation from his father in his youth and was barely forty when the war ended in 5821.

The victory, the first real victory over Zandagort was a significant boost to morale. More and more people felt it was time to take revenge on Zandagort. Pecca decided to lead this movement and was quite successful in it. Not because of his charisma rather his insight and unscrupulousness. He visited the remaining planets one by one to win them for his case. He always found his way to increase his influence. He bought local media corporations, corrupted or blackmailed politicians, made speeches.

In these public speeches he was proud and vengeful. And he seemed rather authentic on that. His life mostly overlapped the war, his home planet was annihilated by Zandagort, his company gave discount to anyone who underwent the same trauma. He was obsessed with xenophobia. Or at least it seemed so. But many doubted his sincerity and suspected the good old military-industrial complex in the background.

For his fiftieth birthday Pecca surprised himself with the Secretary-General's chair of the League of United Planets. He started preparations for the invasion immediately. His factories had been building spaceships since the end of war, now they were sped up to intense production. Thousands of recruiting offices were opened all around the galaxy to enlist the enthusiastic youth. Finally in 5838 the united forces set off. Pecca himself was on one of the ships after resigning his position.

Naturally his unscrupulousness brought resistance. Fighting spirit was gone with Pecca and the invasion fleets, peaceful and careful voices got louder. More and more people thought it had been a mistake to attack the aliens prematurely. They had already destroyed two of our galaxies, and this third one was barely spared. It would be wiser to leave them behind and let them find another enemy for themselves.

This is how the human race divided into four groups. A few million lived, if they still lived, in the New Milky Way on the planets Haven and Camelot. About 100 billion people inhabited the Trillian Galaxy. And those who were driven by restlessness either headed to Andromeda to defeat the aliens once and for all, or exactly the opposite way to get away from them. In 5923 the latter group reached their new home, three tangled galaxies:

Zandagort s4 galaxy