• Server: s1
  • Galaxy: Milky Way
  • Duration: July 31, 2009 - February 7, 2010
  • Result: defeat

Background Story: Zandagort

After the principles of interstellar travel were put into practice at the beginning of the 32nd century, mankind swarmed out into space, and populated the entire Galaxy in just 200 years. History has shown, that peaceful coexistence is only possible if no nation, politician or army rules more than one terraformed planet. This was the most important protocol of the League of United Planets, which everyone observed. Until...

In 3492 contact was established with an alien civilization in the neighboring Andromeda Galaxy. Unfortunately, it turned out that the aliens are living under the reign of the evil Prince Zandagort, whose main goal is to conquer the entire Universe. Soon after the contact their fleets set off towards our galaxy.

In this crisis the LUP got together to find a solution to the problem. Although it seemed obvious that the planets should combine their fleets, they could not agree on who should manage the resulting galactic forces. It was soon clear that negotiations have failed, and war broke out.

Zandagort s1 galaxy