Zandagort game rules

Reading these rules are not compulsory, but their observation is. Violating any of them leads to punishment that can be temporary or final banning, and deletion of account.

1. Accounts

a) One person can have only one account on a server at the same time. Having more accounts on the same server is considered cheating. In this case the person is banned from the whole server and all his accounts are deleted. If it was the second time he had multiple accounts, he is banned for ever from the game.

b) If a player cannot play for a while, he can set a proxy in his PROFILE. This proxy can log into the players account with his (the proxy's) own password by using the following login name: proxy_account_name#player_account_name. If the proxy logs in with the player's password (not as a proxy), it's considered as having multiple accounts.

c) An account can only be transfered by permission of an admin and only to a person who does not play on the same server. If he has an account on the same server, he should first delete his own account. If not, it's considered as having multiple accounts.

2. Bug

Misusing bugs is forbidden.

A bug is a feature of the game that contradicts Encyclopaedia Zandagortica (hereinafter: EZ) or is missing from it. Since EZ can be imperfect, always ask an admin when in doubt.

Misusing a bug is actively using it in order to take advantage from it and/or cause disadvantage to other players. If the player reports the bug to immediately after discovering it, the discovery is not considered misuse.

Misusing a bug can lead to banning for at least 3 days to indefinite term at most.

3. Netiquette

a) The name of accounts, fleets, planets and alliances, and avatars and coat of arms cannot contain any abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language. Violating this rule can lead to temporary or final banning. It is also forbidden to use the name of celebrities, brands or other name protected by the law.

b) On the chat and forum it is forbidden to use abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language, or to disparage any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation.

c) It is forbidden to send spam or wanton amount of private messages via the in-game message system. It is also forbidden to flood the chat. This does not apply to the chat and forum of alliances.

d) It is forbidden to impersonate an admin, moderator or other official staff, or to persuade other players by referring to private connections with the staff.

e) It is forbidden to threaten, blackmail, deceive or prevent the work of admins. If a players threatens to delete his own account or attack other players in order to influence an admin's decision or the game's development, it is also considered blackmail in this context.

f) It is forbidden to threaten other players in real life.

4. Damage

It is forbidden to cause damage to the game, its servers, owners and operators. Damage includes hacking into or overloading servers, stealing the game (code, graphics, texts), cloning the game, spreading greasemonkey or other script that substitute premium features, discrediting the game, its servers, owners and operators, trolling on pages that belong to the game (eg. blog, wiki, facebook), recruiting players to another game in any communication channel that the game provides (mentioning a game is not recruiting per se).

5. Premium

Subscribing to the premium features does not acquit the player of these rules, nor does it lead to milder judgement.

If an account is deleted as a punishment, the price of the premium cannot be reclaimed.