• Server: s2
  • Galaxy: New Milky Way
  • Duration: April 16 - September 29, 2010
  • Result: tied victory

Background Story: New Milky Way

On Doomsday, February 7, 4078, IsenMother, the last human planet was annihilated. Although the Milky Way, the cradle of mankind held up, she lost all her hospitability. Stars, gas giants, planetoids, comets, interstellar dust and nebulae, dark matter and the infinite emptiness of vacuum, but no habitable planets in sight.

The human race didn't go extinct however. From a lot of planets was it possible to evacuate at least a fraction of the population and the plants and animals required for terraformation. Thousands of Noah's arcs transported the refugees, until these fleets united and set off to find a new home.

So were gone long centuries. The ships sailed the boring lightyears, and apart from a small crew, everyone lied in stasis, for it was easier to maintain peace that way. Finally in 4450 they reached their destination, a friendly galaxy which they named New Milky Way.

Now that everyone was awakened from stasis and the compulsory confinement came to an end, separation and animosity of factions started again. Particularly that according to latest information, Zandagort having settled in our old home, continues our persecution.

Zandagort s2 galaxy