Nov 25, 2010 Trillion Miles From Home

Apr 21, 2011 Easter eggs

May 16, 2011 WTF? They are here?

May 19, 2011 Experimental results of ZRI

May 22, 2011 Revenge of the Pirates

Jun 8, 2011 Victory!

Background Story: Trillian

"Who sails through infinite darkness,
Who shreads our planets to tears,
Whom we just call Evil,
Say, why don't you get lost?"

- prayer from the 51st century

Haven and Camelot. Two planets. Only that is left of the second home of mankind, of the New Milky Way. And the remains of thousands of planets and 100 billion people around them. Gloomy surroundings.

But as soon as the last war generation was gone, the urge in people rose to fling themselves again into the great adventure, outer space. Colonization was well prepared, the target galaxy was not far away. The brave set off into the not so unknown, the even braver stayed to protect their home, should Zandagort return.

The game follows the fate of the former, who in 5217 reached Trillian, the galaxy named after the legendary space traveller:

Zandagort s3 galaxy